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Back to School Pasta Recipes that Disguise the Veg

It can be tough to get kids to eat their vegetables. A lot of children simply refuse to eat them. This can be a problem, as vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. However, there are some strategies for getting school children to eat more vegetables.

For some general tips, start by making vegetables more fun and interesting for children. Try serving them with a dip or adding them to a popular dish. You can also cut them into fun shapes.

Kids always ask for something new and exciting, even if they don’t know what it is. When you offer them a plateful of delicious-looking pasta dishes with veggies hidden in every bite, they will never be able to resist! These recipes below use child-friendly ingredients so even those picky eaters can enjoy themselves without knowing there’s anything special going on under the surface.

Finally, how you cook and blend your veggies when making sauces will make all the difference. Try roasting them for an extra layer of flavour, then combining them with fresh herbs – a touch of cheese always goes well! In most cases, avoid salt, and use garlic and ginger sparingly.

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