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5 Alternative Festive Desserts To Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is one of the biggest family dividers every single year – a close second being brussel sprouts (cook them like this for a dish everyone will love). Some people can’t wait to dive into the dense and fruity, booze-filled cake, drenched in custard or cream – probably all laced with further brandy. Others can’t stand the rich pud and long for something a little lighter but just as fulfilling.

Giving a festive edge to some of the nation’s favourite desserts is actually quite simple, all you have to do is spike them with spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, or add fruits such as orange and cranberry – a little brandy or whiskey wouldn’t hurt either.

Everyone loves a crumble. Give it a christmassy edge but combine a little mincemeat with the apple, and serve it with a brandy cream or thick vanilla custard. Trifle is quite a common Christmas pudding, but over time it’s got a slightly bad rep, and lost its appeal. Switch up the vanilla sponge for ginger sponge, and sandwich it with layers of caramel, cream, and crunchy ginger biscuits or gingerbread men. Or why not give it a peanut butter chocolate or banoffee pie twist? If you dare to mess with the traditional Tiramisu recipe, there are some great swaps you can make, like using panettone instead of sponge fingers, and adding a little brandy or Tia Maria.

Ready to get cooking? Give these alternative Christmas pudding desserts a try.

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